Marriage out of love

Marriage for love

Love is the most common reason for marriage, love is so kind, as people, and there is no limit. The only restriction is in place, when it comes to weddings, the majority only to the limit of adulthood can often move the thirtieth year. This did not happen officially, it happened spontaneously – more and more people are reported somewhere around thirty years.

The late reporting helps set of social, economic and cultural factors. If the whole culture of screaming that has zaripla in the face of the game the meaning of life, then the man gets tired sometime in the late twenties.

Once people have tired of the field and factories, or even worse – the mass dying on the battlefield. Time for family discord was not abound. Facebook also does. It hurt but it nonetheless.

Love is therefore the luxury that you can afford to develop and nurture when we connect happiness. Marriage for love is the best, what it may, but not necessarily to tr

Why weddings and marriage?

Features of marriage

Despite the many social changes that have occurred over the centuries in different cultures, social structures, and spiritual attitudes, all cultures have a certain sense of grandeur and dignity of the marriage covenant, though not equally clear. Therefore, no “earthly” power does not remove the natural right to marriage or modify its character and purpose, since the marriage of their own, original and enduring features.

These specific characteristics of marriage are the following: perfection, because of which the spouses mutually supply to each other all physical and psychological elements of their personality; combinations that work spouse “one body” (cf.. 1Mz 2.24); indivisibility and loyalty that demand from both spouses mutual and complete the donation; and fertility, is a natural opening her spouse.

The nature of conjugal love requires a permanent marital relationship and its indivisibility. The lack of these qualities impair complete and comprehensive relationship of love inherent in marriage, causing severe suffering of children and damaging reversals in society.

It is therefore important that sustainability and indivisibility of marriage is not solely a matter of the efforts of individuals, but the responsibility for the protection and promotion of the family tie society as a whole, because of its vital and indispensable position. Need to law assigned institutional character and justify to the public socially and legally recognized action resulting from the basic requirements of social nature.